Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday, February 24, 2017 – Transplanting, Failed Star Flowers, Nauvoo Temple

Again we spent our whole work day transplanting about a thousand tiny seedlings into 72 cell “pony pack” trays. First we transplanted “Dusty Miller – Candicans” and then we did “Leucanthemum – Silver Princess” plants.
Ten days ago Richard received a large shipment of about three thousand “Plugs” from his supplier. It took us two days to get them all planted into 4” pots. Unfortunately some of the plug trays were damaged pretty badly in shipping. (See: Wednesday, February 15, 2017) We took great care to try and save every one of the damaged plants but alas, they didn’t all survive.
Richard is expecting his next shipment of “Plugs” to arrive in the first half of next week. It will be another large shipment. Hopefully the new plugs won’t have much damage like last week’s shipment.
Once again Sis. Johnson enjoyed a wonderful Endowment Session at the Nauvoo Temple. Our good friend and surrogate Grandma, Marilyn Ross sends us lots of name to take through the temple. We enjoy helping out. Every time we attend the temple we enjoy the sweet spirit that is there. We are fully aware that our service is anticipated by those ancestors we are doing service for. Tonight was extra special. These tender moments in the temple don’t happen every time but tonight I felt a very close relationship with the man who’s name I was officiating for. Sis. Johnson & I really enjoy attending the temple.

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