Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wednesday, February 01, 2017 – Mission Training Meeting, Family Living Center, Coleus Cuttings
Our weekly Wednesday morning Mission-wide Training Meeting was very good as usual. Pres. Hall reviewed the World-Wide training we received last Wednesday. He asked us what was the most important personal messages we received last week. Hands shot up from the missionaries and for the whole hour everyone shared their impressions, insights and conclusions of the teaching we received from Apostles of the Lord:  Elder Dallin H. Oaks, Elder David A. Bednar and Elder Neil L. Andersen.

Pres. Hall had to stop the discussion when our allotted meeting time was over. Then he showed us his training agenda he planned to cover and we had only made it thru a third of the topics Pres. Hall wanted to review. I’ve got a feeling we will continue with the review during next week’s training meeting.
Our first work project after our training meeting was to make the Family Living Center grounds look better after last week’s drastic tree, bush and shrub removal. Several of the bushes had stubble sticking up out of the ground that presented a tripping hazard. I removed them with my pruners while Sis. Johnson raked away leave, branches and litter. After blowing the sidewalks the whole area looks much better now.
We stopped in at the Lyon Drug to check out the newly completed arbor installed yesterday in the herb garden. It was designed and welded together at the FM welding shop. Richard plans to have a fast growing gourd vine with red flowers climb all over it. It will be a stunning display in the pathways of the Lyon Drug herb garden.
Our final project today was back in greenhouse No. 1 with the coleus plants. It’s time to harvest a whole new crop of cuttings from each plant for rooting. We will be doing this a lot between now and spring and my guess is we will end up with tens of thousands of potted plants of all varieties for next summer’s garden. They are going to look great come May.

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