Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday, February 11, 2017 – Eagles, Tulip Garden

This winter our Saturday’s have turned into Bald Eagle sighting days. As we drove south on the river road toward the grocery store in Keokuk, Iowa Sis. Johnson counted no fewer than 22 Bald Eagles on the river, in the trees beside the road or in the air close by. We never tire of seeing Bald Eagles up close. 
Back home from our weekly shopping and after the groceries were put away Sis. Johnson tended her Tulip garden beside the house. Yesterday the last of the snow melted away and we noticed a lot of tulips have sprouted up through the soil and are doing great. We are very excited about having our own tulip gardens in front and behind our house.
Every town in Illinois has a plaza or town square or city park with a memorial tribute to its fallen war veterans, MIA’s, POW’s and retired veterans. The town of Hamilton, Illinois is right across the river from Keokuk where we go shopping each Saturday. Hamilton, like Keokuk, has a huge winter population of Bald Eagles.  It is very fitting that Hamilton’s Veteran’s Memorial is adorned with a beautiful, life size statue of a Bald Eagle in flight.

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