Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday, February 09, 2017 – Hyrum Hallman, More Seedlings, More Transplants - Snapdragons, Dusty Miller & Gaillardia, Sleigh Ride, No Rendezvous

Since Sis. Johnson and I arrived here in Nauvoo we’ve had the privilege of working with several young (high school age) employees here at FM. One of them is Hyrum Hallman and he’s a fine, hardworking young man.
We heard at FM’s prayer meeting that Hyrum Hallman has received his mission call. He has been called to serve in Bangalore India and he reports to the MTC on March 22, 2017. This is exciting news, congratulation Hyrum. Work hard, be humble and pray for guidance; you will be a great missionary.

Today we transplanted seedlings into “pony packs” in the propagation room. We had help as we worked, Adam Williford the FM intern, worked side by side with Sis. Johnson and I all day. We got twice as many seedlings transplanted today because he helped us.

Adam is a good man and a hard worker. Besides, anyone that uses the word “Ya’ll” in every sentence is from the south and therefore is of sound mind, is down to earth and is respectful of others. Like I said he’s a good man and a good co-worker.
When we took our lunch break we discovered that a very rare event was happening over at the horse barn. The Historic Nauvoo wagon rides had a change of vehicles. There was enough snow left on the ground for the teamsters to hitch the horses to the sleigh instead of the wagon.
Last winter didn’t have much snow either so they only used the sleigh once. Sis. Johnson and I have never taken a sleigh ride before and we may never have the opportunity to do it again. So today’s horse drawn sleigh ride was a special treat for us. Another first for Sis. Johnson and I on our mission in Nauvoo full of firsts. Another one of those tender mercies we are so grateful for as we serve here.
This evening we didn’t have our performance of “George & Agatha” in Rendezvous. Due to the cold and snow, we had no guests. Sis. Johnson and I were disappointed, we were anxious to perform. But our director, Sis. Lowe had us rehearse and fine tune some of the new changes that have been put in the show last week. It was a good evening of rehearsal.

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