Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017 – Women’s Garden, John Taylor’s home, Transplanting Vinca Pacifica, Coleus Cutting plugs transplanted

Each Monday we try to make it to the Women’s garden and Visitor’s Center to clean and blow the sidewalks. While there we discovered new flowers. The Galanthus or “Snowdrop Lilies” are in bloom as well as the “Witch Hazel” shrub/trees. It isn’t much so far but I’m afraid more and more trees, bushes and bulbs will be confused by the warm temperatures. Today’s high was 65 degrees! That’s almost as warm as our home back in Arizona.  There is still a week left in February and this is supposed to be the coldest month of the year.
Next we were off to rake and clean in front of the John Taylor home. We gave tours there yesterday and noticed how many leaves, stick and clutter there was to clean up. It didn’t take us long but it looks a lot better now.
Back in the propagation room Sis. Johnson and I transplanted Vinca Pacifica from the seedling trays to 72 cell “Pony Packs.” We transplanted 500 before we broke for lunch.
This morning our bosses, Scott Higley and Richard Hancock were conducting interviews with potential hires for this summer. They hired a couple of young ladies, one of them worked for FM last summer so she will be able to hit the ground running come June.
After lunch we finished our day in the greenhouses transplanting the Coleus cuttings we processed six weeks ago (Jan. 11, 2017). They are very large now; they all have rooted nicely and can be transplanted into 4” pots. There are a lot to do so this project may take us a day or two.

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