Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 – Cold & Headache, Coleus Cuttings, Pussy Willows, Tree Trimming
This morning Sis. Johnson woke up with cold symptoms and a bad headache. She stayed home from work and a good thing, by mid-morning she had lost her voice too, maybe Laryngitis.

I looked up Laryngitis and Sis. Johnson’s lost voice may have been caused by overuse of her vocal cords during her performance last night as Agatha in “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo.” Most of her script requires her to use a very high pitch and shrill voice. She might have overworked her vocal cords last night.  Hopefully she will recover quickly; she will be “Agatha” again on Thursday.

At work I spent my whole day transplanting Coleus rooted cuttings into 4” pots. For part of the morning Richard Hancock was able to help me and we were able to get all of them transplanted by the end of the day.
This morning Scott Higley was in the bucket of the boom truck trimming the trees here of the grounds of FM. There are a lot of trees to trim, it’s a big job. In the afternoon, my boss Richard Hancock, was up in the bucket trimming trees too. 
It’s been really warm for the past week and all of the Pussy Willows in front of the greenhouses at FM are all fluffed out now with their furry catkins. They look beautiful. We need to enjoy them while we can because Richard said next month they will all get their annual trimming and be cut back to the ground. 
Since the Pussy Willows are going to be cut back anyway I took advantage of the opportunity and made Sis. Johnson a bouquet of the Pussy Willows. She was really surprised and delighted with the arrangement; it brightened her day.

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