Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday, February 05, 2017 – Fast & Testimony Meeting, Sis. Crandall

This morning’s Fast and Testimony Meeting was very good. All three members of the mission Presidency bore their testimonies first. They were all wonderful, powerful and honored the stalwart pioneers the sacrificed so much for us and the Kingdom of God on the earth. Pres. Hall said the trials the early pioneers went through were part of God’s plan. He said: “God always takes his children into the wilderness to purify and consecrate them. . .” 
Elder & Sis. Stroud are two of the missionaries going home this coming week. During our Fast and Testimony meeting Elder Stroud bore his testimony about the exodus of those faithful pioneers that struggled, sacrificed and left everything behind. He said, “Never again will I attend the ‘Days of 47’ parade in Salt Lake City without remembering the experience of the exodus of the Nauvoo saints in 1846!” There would be no “Days of 47” without the “Trail of Hope of 46.”
In the evening we had a “Sociable” (That’s what they call a “Fireside” in the Nauvoo mission) on the DNA proof of the Book of Mormon. The speaker was Dr. Ugo Perego, an author of DNA books and published scientific papers. He was very good and interesting plus he made a lot of sense even though a lot of his talk was very technical; in the language of science. I enjoyed it.
At the beginning he made an interesting comment, “Disclaimer: First, everything I am about to say is my personal opinion. And second, it really doesn’t matter very much!” That brought a big laugh. He also spoke for a few minutes about the difference between science and religion. He pointed out that most scientists are atheists. Then he said, “I know many scientists that are ‘Secret Believers,’ just in case!” That line brought another big laugh!
Today Pres. Hall asked everyone in the mission to fast for Sister Crandall. She is a single sister in the mission and lives with three other single sisters. She is in the “Emma Hale” cast with Sis. Johnson and I. A few weeks ago they found her on the bathroom floor, unresponsive. Later it was determined that she had suffered a subdural hematoma. She was in intensive care for about a week. Since then she have been in rehab, but now Pres. Hall reported to us that she will be moved to a nursing home. He told us that sometime Sis. Crandall is lucid and can talk to family and friends. But sometimes she is completely lost, not recognizing anyone or where she is. The Pres. said that they hope to move her to Iowa City soon because that is where her daughter lives and she could then be close to her.

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