Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017 – Seedlings, Cast Temple Night, Full Moon

Scott Higley told us at the beginning of the week the weather was expected to be crazy and we were in for a roller coaster ride all week. Well, we started the week with sunshine, then a low of 12 degrees, then freezing wind, then snow, then graupel, then rain, and then today we had warm sunshine with a high temperature of 54 degrees. Yes, the weather in Illinois is a roller coaster ride and today was beautiful!
We worked all day in the propagation room again. We transplanted about a dozen trays of Snapdragons and Coleus seedlings. Richard has been moving and consolidating the potted plants and the pony pack trays to make room for this spring’s inventory. In the end, every corner of all the greenhouses will be filled to the brim with bedding plants ready to move into the gardens of Nauvoo and Carthage when the weather warms up in May.
This evening we enjoyed a special “Emma Hale” Cast Temple night. Almost all of the 36 members of our Emma Hale cast were able to attend and it was a beautiful evening and a beautiful Endowment Session in the temple.
After the Temple Session we all headed over to Elder & Sis. Wilson’s home were they hosted a Cast Pot Luck dinner. Good food with good friends after a wonderful Temple session is the best. Thank you Elder & Sis. Wilson for opening your home.

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