Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday, February 13, 2017 – Elder & Sis. Wheeler depart, Propagation Room, Blowing in Women’s Garden, Baisch & Skinner, Hobby Lobby, Hardees & DQ
This morning the Director of FM, Jordan Bodily, presented a “Farewell Pennant” to Elder & Sis. Wheeler. They have been faithful missionaries at FM and in the Nauvoo Mission for 22 months.  Elder Wheeler has worked in one of the work shop in FM his whole mission (I think cabinets or carpentry). Sis. Wheeler has been a site missionary but she spent a lot of her mission in one of the hardest jobs of the mission. She was over all of the missionary scheduling; a huge job especially considering she was on call 24/7 to handle rescheduling because of missionary illnesses and other emergencies.

Elder & Sis. Wheeler will leave for home today. They plan to be home by Thursday to attend the Sealing of their son and daughter-in-law in the Temple. What a good reason to go home. They originally asked Pres. Hall if they could go home for a few days and then return to finish their last few weeks of their 23 month mission. Pres. Hall told them it wasn’t necessary to return just to finish the last few weeks; they have already served 22 months. I know the Lord is saying, “Well done thou good and faithful servants.”
Today in the greenhouse and propagation room Sis. Johnson and I did more Coleus seedling transplanting. Richard continued to rearrange plants to make more bench space for all of the plants. Plus he continued to plant more seeds in the germination trays. They will be ready for us to transplant in a few weeks.
While we were transplanting Coleus seedlings Scott Higley came in with three new sets of “Grow Lights” to install on the seedling light racks. These “Grow Lights” are said to be stronger, more powerful and better in every way to the old fluorescent lights they used to use. The tiny little seedlings are going to love the new lights.
Once again we finished a Monday blowing leaves at the Women’s Garden. The wind direction always determines where we start. Again today the wind was out of the south, south west so we started at the furthest southwest corner of the Women’s Garden and worked our way North and East. I want to know where all the leaves are coming from. Every week after blowing all of the leaves on to the lawns where they are picked up by the mower, I say to myself: “That’s it, there are no more leave left to remove.” Then we come back the next week and there are just as many all over the sidewalks and in the bushes. Where do they all come from?
After work we headed 60 miles south to Quincy, Illinois to Baisch & Skinner Floral Wholesale to pick up fresh flowers and supplies for a special order from the Mission President’s wife, Sis. Hall. Sis. Johnson loves to make fresh flower arrangements. We finished our shopping at Hobby Lobby were we found the last of the items we needed for the arrangements.
On our way home we treated ourselves to hamburgers at Hardee’s in Carthage. We don’t eat out very often but today we splurged. I love their “2/3 lb Monster Thickburger” with a side of onion rings. It has two kinds of cheese and a double layer of bacon. Mmmm-Goood!

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