Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday, February 06, 2017 – Coleus Cuttings, Women’s Garden

Again today we worked on Coleus cuttings. We worked on them all morning and still have half a bench of trays left to go through. We should be done with this go round tomorrow.
After lunch we worked at the Visitor’s Center and the Women’s Garden blowing off all of the sidewalks and flowerbeds. There aren’t many leaves left in the trees but what few there are seem to find their way into the Women’s Garden.
This morning when we left for work it was below freezing and our car was covered in frost. But by the time we went to blow the sidewalks at the women’s Garden the temperature was all the way up the 48 degrees. It was very pleasant for working outdoors. It was so nice I decided to wash the car after work. It was a beautiful day.
The sidewalks of the Women’s Garden are all made of red bricks. While we blew the sidewalks today I noticed more bricks had deteriorated. Part of the Women’s Garden has large areas of bricks that are really damaged. Evidently water from rain and snow soaks into them and after repeatedly freezing and thawing the bricks crumble. 
I talked to Richard about the damaged bricks and he said a crew of men will replace them later in the spring. It looks like it will be a big job; there are a lot of bricks to replace. 

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