Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 – Propagation Room, Alcea Nigra-Black Hollyhocks, Shipment of Plugs, Adam & Kelly Williford

This morning was spent most of our time transplanting more Dianthus seedlings. But we also transplanted a new flower for this spring’s flowerbeds, “Alcea Rosea Nigra” or Black Hollyhocks! Hollyhocks come in a variety of colors and are always a beautiful tall addition to any garden, but these are such a deep red that they look black. They will look great.
Late in the morning Richard got a call from the Fed-Ex driver that he would be arriving at FM in 15 minutes. Richard was expecting a truck load of “Plugs” from his suppliers. Plugs are seedlings in starter trays with 76 to 96 small cells. The seedling growing in the cell is called a “Plug.”
There were dozens of different kinds of plants in today’s shipment. All of the “Plugs” Richard received are varieties of plants that Richard doesn’t propagate or grow from seed himself. There are many factors that determine whether he propagates them himself or not. For example the seeds or cuttings may not be available or there may not be enough time to grow them from seed/cuttings then manage, maintain and transplant them repeatedly and have them ready in time.
The really good news is that these plants are already large enough to put into 4” pots. They will stay in the same pot where they will grow, mature and bloom. They won’t need to be transplanted again until May when they go into the gardens of Nauvoo and Carthage. This is Richard’s first shipment; there will be more later.
During our lunch break we were treated to a visit from Kelly and Annabelle Williford, Adam’s wife and new daughter (5 mo. old). Of course Sis. Johnson’s grandmother mode kicked in immediately. Annabelle is an adorable baby and the Williford’s are a beautiful family.

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