Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday, July  19, 2017 – Four sites, Josh Fuller BYU Study Abroad Group, Pres. McCoy & Golden Ticket, New Bicyle

We were very busy today and we got four sites completely cleaned. However it was a very hot day and since the “Heat Index” was so high, Richard sent us home after lunch. That was very nice of him, I was already toasted!

While we finished the “George Laub” home we got to meet one of the students that is living there for two weeks. His name is Josh Fuller from Gilbert AZ. He and the other student are with “BYU Study Abroad” group. They’ve already spent time in Canada and in other location in the US. He was glad to see us there because there is a large wasp nest on their back door that prevents them from going out to the back porch. One of FM’s managers, Louis Hernandez, came with a can of Wasp and Horne Jet spray to kill them all. Now the house is safe for the BYU students and also safe for us to finish our work.

Today Sis. Johnson and I got our final “Golden Ticket” from Elder McCoy. This time the Golden Ticket is our assignment to speak in Sacrament Meeting on the 30th of July. During their 18 month mission each Senior Missionary is given four Golden tickets. One is to teach Sunday School, another is to teach either Relief Society or Priesthood meeting. Another Golden Ticket is to give the opening or closing prayer in Sac. Meeting and the last one which Pres. McCoy gave us today is to speak in Sacrament meeting. We knew we would get our final Golden Ticket sooner or later but we just didn’t know when.

After work today Elder Kyle Johnson picked up a bicycle from Kendall Gallaher, FM’s Auto Mechanic. Bicycles are available for the Service Missionaries while they are working for FM on their missions. The bike looks brand new. It isn’t fancy, it only has one gear but Elder Johnson is delighted to have his own transportation to get around Historic Old Nauvoo. It looks like a really nice bike.

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