Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday, July 31, 2017 – Visitor’s Center Flowerbeds, Pendleton Schoolhouse Sidewalk, 70’s Hall

Our work day in the gardens started in the Visitor’s Center. We try to make a pass through the Visitor’s center gardens at least once a week to pull weeds and “Dead Head” the old flowers. At least two or three times a week the grounds crew uses the backpack blowers to blow all of the sidewalks of the Visitor’s Center and the Women’s Garden too. It is very important that the high profile locations like the Visitor’s Center and the Women’s Garden always look their best.


We also cleaned and weeded three other historic sites for the rest of our work day. We did the Pendleton Schoolhouse and Sidewalk, followed by the 70’s Hall and we finished at the historic home of Chauncey Webb.

What is significant about these last three sites we cleaned is that they were the last three for the month. We have a one month schedule of cleaning every historic site at least once a month, every month. And, with the completion of Pendleton Schoolhouse, the 70’s Hall and the home of Chauncey Webb we got every site in Old Nauvoo weeded and cleaned at least once this month. Of course there are many high profile sites that we return to multiple times in the month but it feels real good to have achieved our goal for July.

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