Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday, July 07, 2017 – Weeding & Cleaning, Another Hot Day, “Sunset by the Mississippi”

We have spent the last two weeks in an all out push to clean and weed every historic site before our boss, Richard Hancock, returns from his summer vacation with his family. Since today is Friday and the last day before Richard returns to work next Monday, we finished cleaning and weeding the last of the historic sites to accomplish our goal. We cleaned and weeded quite a few starting with the William Weeks flowerbed, then Pioneer Pastimes, Orson Hyde’s home, Sarah Granger Kimball’s historic home, The John Taylor home, the Print Shop, and finally the Post Office.

We not only cleaned and weeded all of those sites but we also killed every rogue tree we came across and there were 40 to 50 today. All of our cleaning is also complicated by the Poison Ivy we come across and today we only had to deal with two small patches.  Today we even had enough time left over to work on the weeds in the Liriope beds at the Visitor’s Center. It was a great day of work and a very successful two weeks of weeding and cleaning all of the Historic sites.

The only bad part about our week has been the repressive heat. Last night at 3:00 AM a thunderstorm rolled through and we got three quarters of an inch of rain. The grass, trees and flowerbeds really needed the rain but by mid morning the clouds were gone and the humidity was stifling. We keep ourselves hydrated but it is very hot.

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