Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 – Goodbye to our family, Lyon Drug weeding and trimming, Lucy Mack Home, George Laub Home, Exodus Point

On our way out the door to work we had to say goodbye to our family this morning. They were still packing when we left. But they are gone now and we will miss having them in our home with us, miss the hugs from grandchildren and miss the big family meals.


For the rest of our mission here in Nauvoo this will be the last family members we are aware of that have plans to come and visit us. Sis. Johnson is very sad not to have her family around her. But we only have a few more months of our mission left and she will be back in the “Grandma Mode” once again.

We put in another full and busy day at work again. We started at the Lyon Drug Herb Garden. This is a very large garden to maintain and it requires more attention than any other. We trimmed plants away from the sidewalks, we spread “Dear Scram” to keep the deer from eating all of the flowers and we did another thorough weeding of all the flowerbeds.

Next we were off to the Lucy Mack Smith’s home followed by a new missionary house we’ve never cleaned at before called the “George Laub” home. It really needed a lot of work so we didn’t finish before lunch. We will probably go back and finish tomorrow morning when it is cooler.

 We finished our work day at the Exodus Point and Pioneer Memorial. There are several flowerbeds that needed weeding. The cracks in the sidewalks were full of weeds so we pulled them by hand. The best part of working here in the hottest part of the day are all the trees. Since we worked in the shade of the trees, the 90+ temperatures were tolerable in the afternoon.

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