Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017 – Pioneer Day, May Flies & Swallows, Poison Ivy on the “Sunset” Stage

Today is “Pioneer Day” which means all of the paid staff at FM have the Utah State Holiday off.  There were still a lot of us in this morning’s FM’s Prayer meeting, about half of the chairs were occupied and we still had Jordan Bodily (FM’s Director) with us to conduct. As full time missionaries all of us serve every day including holidays except for our P-day. 

As we entered FM’s “E” building for our Prayer Meeting, the outside walls and doors were covered with May Flies. Many of them were dead in spider webs but most of them were alive.  In the air over the building there were hundreds of “Tree Swallow” birds flying, dipping and darting back and forth catching May Flies in mid air. It was a sight to see. What a feast for the Tree Swallows, they’ve got to be the best fed birds in the state, at least for now during May Fly season.

Today our first cleaning and weeding assignment was at the “Sunset by the Mississippi” stage. We found a lot of Poison Ivy in the shrubs there and they all needed to be safely removed. We also cut down and poisoned rogue trees. We weeded and did a general cleaning of the area too. It looks much better now and with the Poison Ivy gone, it is much safer for the guests.

Our final two cleaning areas for the day were first, the historic home of William Weeks and second, the beautiful flowerbed at the corner of Partridge and Young streets. This particular garden is like a welcome sign that everyone sees as they drive to the Visitor’s Center. It is just beautiful and it sets the tone for the visitors as they feel the spirit of Nauvoo. As garden caretakers we are honored to do our part in sharing and spreading the spirit of Nauvoo.

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