Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday, July 28, 2017 – Working at the Brick Yard, Wilford Woodruff, Family Search and Women’s Gdn, Coleus Cuttings

Another busy day at various sites in Old Nauvoo. While Elder Kyle Johnson, Elder Cantwell and I were on the road weeding and cleaning, Richard had Sis. Johnson stay in the propagation room making more Coleus cuttings again. There is still a full bench of Coleus plants that need to be finished.  It may take a while.

Elder Kyle Johnson, Elder Cantwell and I started our day at the Brick Yard were the brick sidewalks were full of weeds. The larger weeds we pull by hand and all of the others I whacked away with the line trimmer. By the time we finished the transformation was amazing. All those bricks in the sidewalk look great now.

Next we were off to the historic home of Wilford Woodruff followed by the office of the “Family Search Center.” Then we finished the morning at the historic home of Heber C Kimball. It was a good productive morning.

In the afternoon we trimmed three large hedges in the Women’s Garden. I trimmed all three of these hedges last fall so they were due for another haircut. There are still several hedges left to trim but this was a good start.

Of course the high light of our day is always our performances on stage. Tonight we were on the outdoor stage of “Sunset by the Mississippi” and it was a very comfortable 84 degrees. Two things made tonight performance special. First, tonight was our turn for Sis. Johnson and I to sing our duet, “Senior Moments.” I am still very surprised how much Sis. Johnson and I enjoy singing and performing on stage.

The second reason tonight’s “Sunset” show was special was that our old friend, Don Dennee, was there to watch us and enjoy the show. We are so very pleased he was able to travel with his Ward and attend Young Conference with his Stake from Mississippi. After the show we got to spend even more time together.

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