Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wednesday, July 05, 2017 – Nauvoo Fire Dept, Liriope & Poison Ivy, Aaron & Annabeth Goss

This morning in our FM Prayer Meeting we found out that all of the Nauvoo Fire Dept. fire trucks and EMT trucks will be parked here inside the FM parking compound for a while. Evidently there is some concrete work being done at the fire station and the fire department vehicles needed to be store somewhere else. But more importantly they needed to be easily accessible to the all volunteer Nauvoo fire department.  So that’s why the trucks are here, about half of the full time FM staff are members of the Nauvoo all volunteer Fire Department. I think this is so very neat and what makes small towns across America so inviting and comfortable. They still have a sense of community. Everyone helps everyone else; they volunteer their time and their energy to the well being of everyone. Sometimes we lose this in the big city.

Today was another full day of pulling weeds, killing trees and killing Poison Ivy in the Visitor Center Liriope beds. The best part about today was the weather; it was overcast and a very pleasant day to work. 

We had another one of those “Tender Mercies” today. Once again without warning and completely by surprise we ran into old friends from Arizona while we worked on the Visitor’s Center grounds. Aaron & Annabeth Goss from our old ward, Hillside Ward, Lehi Stake in Mesa AZ found us quite by accident. I love these “Tender Mercies” we receive as we work and serve here in Nauvoo.

Brother Aaron Goss moved his family to Washington DC about three years ago to accept a position as the Director of Institutes of Religion. There visit to Nauvoo is part of a Church history tour they are taking with other Seminary and Institute teachers and directors. Tonight their tour, all 55 of them, attended our 8:15 show of “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo.” They had a wonderful time and they were a great audience.

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