Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday, July 29, 2017 – Bag Pipes, Bank for Cash, Prepare our talks

This morning on our way to do our weekly P-day grocery shopping we saw an amazing sight. The Nauvoo Bagpipe and Drum Band was playing and marching down Mulholland Street in exactly the same spot as we saw them last week on our way to go shopping. We must really be creatures of habit because we were at exactly the same spot at exactly the same time as last week. 

This time while Sis. Johnson went into the “Fudge Factory” I stopped and listened to their music. I mentioned it last week but it bears repeating, their bagpipe renditions of “Praise to the Man” and “If You Could Hie to Kolob” and “Amazing Grace” are three of my most favorite musical pieces.

 While we were in down town Nauvoo we also stopped in at the SBN “State Bank of Nauvoo” to get cash. We used to use our ATM card but the fees are so high they were killers. We found out that the SBN will cash our personal checks for no fee at all. In fact I asked the teller what form of ID the bank required to cash an out of state check and she pointed to my missionary name tag and said, “that’s all the ID we require!” What a blessing. It is a wonderful relationship of trust and respect the Church has with the people and merchants of Nauvoo.

The rest of our day before our “Rendezvous” show was spent poring over quotes and scripture references as Sis. Johnson and I are preparing to speak in Sacrament meeting tomorrow morning at 7:50am. Each Senior is asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting once while they serve here in Nauvoo, so it really isn’t a burden, actually, we knew the opportunity was coming so it wasn’t unexpected. 

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