Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thursday, July 06, 2017 – Cleaning Riser Boot, Tin Shop, FLC, Women’s Gdn, Hot, Dentist Appt., British Pageant Rehearsal for Missionaries.

Another full day of cleaning, weeding and killing trees. Before lunch we cleaned and weeded the Riser Boot Shop on Main Street then the Stoddard Tinsmith site and finished at the “FLC” (Family Living Center). The FLC was the big project and took us most of the morning. The best part of the morning was only one small patch of Poison Ivy and Emilie Roper took care of that so I didn’t have to suit up and deal with Poison Ivy all day.

We finished our day at the Women’s Garden. We did the very same things we did all morning. We weeded, cleaned and killed rogue trees.


The worst part of our work day was the sun and the heat. It was hot and by the time we quite in the afternoon my car’s thermometer said it was 99 degrees outside. Add 75% humidity and it not only felt hot but it WAS very hot.

I made a dentist appointment for today after work. I saw Dr. Zach Rodeffer in Hamilton, Ill. the same dentist I saw last month and about the same tooth. He is very good and I like him a lot. He really is amazing, his exam, consultation and office visit were all free!

 The tooth has developed a large lump below the gum line like an abscess.  Well, my worst fears were confirmed, if the antibiotics don’t work, I will lose the tooth.

Tonight Sis. Johnson and I along with Elder Kyle Johnson and the other Service Missionaries went to a rehearsal for the “British Nauvoo Pageant.”  Each night at the conclusion of the British Pageant the Senior Missionaries and the young Service Missionaries go on stage to sing just before the grand finale. Last year Sis. Johnson and I didn’t participate because we live so far away in Carthage. But this year we are looking forward to the opportunity to participate.

All of the Seniors and Young Service Missionaries are invited to participate but we don’t have to be on stage every time the British Pageant plays. Some nights we are not available because of our obligations on other stages the same night. The British Pageant only plays two nights a week, Wednesday and Friday. We should be able to make at least one of those shows per week. Elder Kyle Johnson, Sis. Johnson and I can’t wait.

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