Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday, May 1, 2016 – Fast & Testimony Meeting, David’s Chamber, Pickle Barrel

Our “Fast & Testimony” meeting starts at 7:50am so Sis. Johnson and I have to leave early for the half hour drive from Carthage to Nauvoo.  Today’s meeting was particularly moving & inspirational. We found out that within the past six months, there have been three of the Elders in the mission diagnosed with cancer of one type or another. They’ve all had surgery and are recovering now but the testimonies born of the power of prayer were very touching and heartfelt. 
One of the Testimonies born was by Elder Metcalf. He said that yesterday there were 90 visitors that went through the Jonathan Browning Gun Shop, where he was giving tours. It’s one of the favorite historic sites for tourists.  He commented that 40 of those visitors were not members of the church. He said it was a wonderful opportunity to share his testimony of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

On our way home from Nauvoo Sis. Johnson and I stopped at a view point named, “David’s Chamber s
Scenic Turnout”. It was very charming in spite of the fog that has shrouded the whole area since yesterday’s rain stopped. When the weather isn’t so cold and gloomy, Sis. Johnson and I will have to pack a picnic lunch and spend more time there.
Once a month the mission meets on Sunday evening for “Pickle Barrel.”  The official mission photographer puts together a slide show of all of the pictures taken during the month and shows them to everyone in the mission. It was a great slide show that lasted about 35 minutes. I liked it a lot and it was a lot of fun. But, don’t ask me why it’s called “Pickle Barrel”, I have no clue.

On our drive in from Carthage to attend “Pickle Barrel” Sis. Johnson and I spotted a Bald Eagle perched in the top of a tree overlooking the Mississippi River. He was majestic and beautiful. I just barely got my camera out before he took off and flew away. I did manage to catch a few snap shots though. 

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