Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday, May 2, 2016 – Work, Rabbit, Rendezvous

Work is the name of the game in Carthage. Sis. Johnson & I spent our day cleaning, sweeping, mowing, edging, and blowing. Sis. Johnson’s tulips look a lot better after she trimmed them up a bit. 
Since we arrived in Carthage I’ve seen a rabbit now and then dart between the bushes. But he’s never held still long enough for me to catch his picture. Today while I was on the mower he didn’t run at all. In fact he wasn’t afraid of me or the mower. This time he stood still and posed while I took several pictures of him.
For the first time tonight at our performance of “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo” I had lines to speak. It was only a couple of sentences, 28 words total. I didn’t miss my cues but I really blew my lines. Thank goodness we are serving for another 17 months, maybe by then I’ll get my lines right!
Yesterday I mentioned the monthly mission-wide slide show called “Pickle Barrel”. The person that has been producing it for the past year is Sis. Heslup. Well, she is in our cast so I saw her tonight. She and her husband will be going home in September. She told me she was looking for someone to take her place as the official mission photographer and producer of “Pickle Barrel”. She asked me if I would take over from her. I told her I would love to; she said she will submit my name to the Mission President for approval. Wow, I don’t know if I will get the call but I was very honored to be asked. We’ll see what happens.

Six years ago when Sis. Johnson and I served in the Santo Domingo West Mission in the Dominican Republic I was the official mission photographer. Of course, Sis. Johnson and I were the ONLY senior couple in the whole mission so, of course, there wasn’t anyone else to choose from. But the Illinois, Nauvoo mission has 70+ couples to choose from. I would really be honored if the Mission Pres. asks me to be the Mission photographer. 

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