Saturday, May 7, 2016

Saturday, May 7, 2016 – P’day, Temple, Play practice, Lilacs, Corsage.

Today is our P-day (Preparation day) and I started off by sleeping in. Very nice. Five days a week we start work at 7:00am so I really enjoyed a little extra sleep. We did get a lot done though; we cleaned the house, did all of our shopping, and all of our laundry.
Yesterday had its bumps. While Sis. Johnson and I were in Nauvoo, I discovered I lost my phone out of its holster. For the next half hour I felt lost without my phone, I literally felt like I was in a daze. Sis. Johnson dialed my phone number several times but no one answered so we guessed that it hadn’t been found yet. We began to retrace our steps as both of us said our silent prayers to locate the phone. Then, Sis. Johnson called my number again but this time Elder Lee Master at FM answered. He said we was walking through the parking lot and heard a phone ring between the cars. Prayers answered!

The next bump came later in the morning. I had just finished the day’s mowing when I discovered my wallet was not in my hip pocket. This is bad. I had been mowing at the visitor’s center as well as at the Bushnell house. The prospect of finding the wallet was not good. Again, before I started retracing my tracks I said my prayer for help. As I began the hunt, I decided to get on the mower and literally re-drive everywhere I had mowed. But then I got the impression to start my hunt by walking over between the sidewalk and the row of trees.  The area was very remote and I probably wouldn’t have re-driven this area. That’s when it happened; I walked right to my wallet sitting on the ground. Another Prayer answered.

Sis. Johnson says I have too much “Stuff” to lose. I replied, I don’t have too much “Stuff”; the problem is, I lose ALL the “stuff” I have. This morning Sis. Johnson and I loaded the App on our phones called “Find My Phone”. Now I need to find an App called, “Find my Wallet”!
This afternoon Sis. Johnson and I decided to attend a session at the Temple before our pageant practice in the evening. A perfect way to spend our P-day. Before we headed home from Nauvoo we stopped and picked a few stems of Lily of the Valley as well as a branch of Lavender Lilacs in bloom. The fragrance in our car for the drive home was wonderful. Tomorrow morning the Lily of the Valley and fresh Lilacs will be in Sis. Johnson’s Mother’s Day corsage.

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