Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 – Third Day at the MTC, Sis. Nichelle Yazzie

This afternoon our group training class instructor, Sis. Nichelle Yazzie gave a wonderful lesson on the power of the Savior to change our hearts and be converted. She told the powerful conversion story of her great grandfather on the reservation in northern Arizona. Wonderful stories like this one, touches our souls and testifies of the divinity of Jesus Christ as our Savior. The MTC is wonderful, today’s classes were great.
(FACEBOOK: For those of you who know our friends, Al & Julia Poole, Sister Yazzie is AL Poole’s great niece and that makes Amy Faatoafe’s her second cousin. Small world!)

In our group training class our instructor, Sis. Nichelle Yazzie, said she and her brother are both instructors and that they are from Gilbert AZ. This peaked my attention.  Independently, Sis. Johnson and I both made mental notes as Sis Yazzie continued to explain that she and her brother are half Navajo and half Hopi, two tribes that don’t get along well together.  This revelation continued to peak my attention. The last time I heard someone say this was over 20 years ago. Our good friend from the Alma 3rd Ward, Al Poole (half Navajo & Hopi) had told me the same thing.

After Sis. Nichelle Yazzie finished her class instruction, Sis. Johnson went up to talk to Sis. Nichelle Yazzie to see if there was any relationship between her family and Al & Julia Poole’s family. Yes indeed. Al Poole’s sister is Nichelle Yazzie’s Grandmother. That makes Sis. Nichelle Yazzie Al Poole’s great niece.

In addition, Al & Julia Poole’s daughter, Amy, is married to Justin Faatoafe and they were our close friends in the Hillside Ward, Lehi Stake. That makes Sis. Nichelle Yazzie second cousin to Amy Faatoafe. Small world!

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