Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 – Last day of classes at the MTC 

Today was our last day of classes at the MTC. We’ve had a wonderful experience the past 9 days learning how to do our job and be good servants of the Lord.  

Tonight we got to attend another MTC Devotional. They are great. Tonight’s speaker was Elder Terence M. Vinson of the 70 and his wife Kay Vinson. Of course they spoke on missionary work. Elder Vinson also talked of his conversion and baptism after he got married.  They were both inspiring and very good talks.
Tomorrow we were supposed to leave for Nauvoo Illinois but our departure date is in question. Evidently there is a large storm predicted all day tomorrow. Both interstate highways, I-80 though Wyoming and I-70 through Colorado will be hit hard.

(Text message I sent to Elder and Sister Pursel. They left the MTC early today to pack and get a jump on the storm. Here is what I wrote in the text: Elder Pursel, in this afternoon’s class a brother from the MTC office said they have been in contact with SLC and Nauvoo and all of us do not have to be to Nauvoo by Friday.  They said “don’t worry about it”.  Be safe; don’t leave until Thursday if you are uncomfortable with the forecast. See you in Nauvoo, be safe, Elder Johnson. 

Elder Pursel’s reply at 8:30pm: So nice of you to let us know.  Thank you. We are just leaving Green River UT. on US70 [he meant I-70].  The roads have been ok with some flurries.  We will stay the night in Grand Junction.  Praying for all of you.)

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